Kate Birinder-Ross

A helping hand for all your marketing needs





After a knee injury put paid to my Army Officer training in 1997 I had to rethink my career path and turned to marketing.


Starting out as a Marketing and Sales Assistant for a catering butchers it wasn't long before a move to London saw me become a Marketing Executive for a management consultancy company. It was this role that taught me a lot about direct marketing and I developed a passion for marketing events.


I moved to becomen a Campaign Manager at Risk Waters Group where I found myself moving quickly up the ladder because I was successfully marketing new events into new marketplaces and countries. The loss of friends and colleagues in the 9/11 disaster made me refocus on things that mattered and after two and a half years with the company I moved to EuroFinance as a Straegic Marketing Manager.


It was here that I really started to get to grips with in-depth marketing plans, the use of database, negotiation skills and tight budgeting but unfortunately redundancy meant that I was soon looking for another job.


At Ark Group my options really opened out to me. I started as a Marketing Manager but moved into the role of Head of Marketing and Sales Connect Division where I took on a team of 8 sales people and quickly learnt new skills. After a company restructure I took on the position of Head of Marketing and Logistics Connect Division and took on the responsibility of event management and sponsor liaison as well as managing the marketing team.


After several years with Ark Group I moved to Gartner as maternity cover and for eight and a half years I remained with them either as a contractor/freelancer or a full time employee. In 2014 the owners of Ark Group approached me to see if I would return to work for them in their new company, an opportunity which I couldn't say no to.


Now 2.5 years later and having established a stong marketing foothold for the company. Implementing fresh thinking ideas, increasing their market reach, expanding the team to include digital elements and in-house design I find myself turning, once again, to contracting and freelancing. My heart still tells me companies need the adhoc support that I can offer.


I am a 40 something independent parent to two fanastic boys living in Reigate, Surrey but have strong routes in the North. I like nothing better than a nice meal with good friends but will always try and undo the damage with a visit to the gym, a run or a stomp with the boys in the local countryside. Whne I am not socialising with friends you will find me managing my elder son's rugby team or providing administration support to my younger son's football team. Failing that I will be watching them play cricket!