Kate Birinder-Ross

A helping hand for all your marketing needs


Strategic Marketing – Budget Management – Direct Marketing



The success of a campaign is often driven by the amount of time dedicated to it.


I have seen, first hand, the pressure put on marketing departments to complete projects on time and within budget. I have been there when things have gone right and when they have gone wrong. I know that those small adhoc projects are as important as the more complex, result driven ones.


Using a freelance marketing manager can help ease the pressure on your marketing team. Whether it is a six month project, a couple of weeks help or a longer term partnership I could be what you need.


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Terms of service can work to your budget and requirements.


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Seasoned marketing executive with a dynamic skillset and over 20 years' experience directing strategic

marketing programmes and projects to support revenue and sales objectives.


I have 20 years of direct marketing and campaign management experience. Proven results and a solid work ethic help my drive for success in all things marketing. I am not afraid of a challenge! I guide dynamic teams to achieve collaborative results with core business development. I have solid acumen for brand promotion, customer retention and relationship management.


I have coordinated successful promotional campaigns, decreased market expenditure, and increased new customers. My revamping of marketing teams has lead to increased profitability and enhanced ROI.


My qualifications include:

Diploma, Digital Marketing Leadership

Proof Reading and Editorial Skills

BA (Hons) Business Administration

HND (Merits) Environmental Business Studies



Email: kate@katebirinder.co.uk


Phone: 07808 472479


Social: LinkedIn @KBirinderRoss