Kate Birinder-Ross

A helping hand for all your marketing needs

Why use me?



Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Not proof reading that final paragraph, or sending that last email can make or break a campaign.


I head up a marketing team now but throughout my career I have been a one woman team holding everything together. I often found myself under pressure to complete numerous ad hoc projects in addition to managing my main campaigns. Even now my colleagues and I frequently comment that whilst we appreciated the smaller projects were essential they ate into valuable campaign hours. We often said that it would be advantageous to have someone “on hand” to take responsibility for this work.


After having my second son I decided that I was still keen to develop my career, but as a freelancer. Whist researching the market I realised then that there was a potential gap for an experienced marketing professional to lend a “helping hand”, taking responsibility for getting the smaller, often less urgent jobs completed. Although I have since been offered an opportunity that has seen me move back into the PAYE world I am keen to continue offering a helping hand to those who need it.


As I work work remotely from home, undertaking much of the work in the evening, this means that the only cost to you is my time.


So if you do have those "little" jobs, those "noone else wants to do them" jobs or perhaps you would like some marketing advise just get in touch and let's see if I can help.