Kate Birinder-Ross

A helping hand for all your marketing needs




"Kate worked with me on the launch of two new training products last year. She did a fantastic job copywriting brochures, flyers and content for the web page, working with design on the creation of flyers and banner ads and coordinating the logistics of the campaign. She can turn her hand to anything and I would highly recommend her."

Jennie Castro, Webinars Marketing Manager, LexisNexis


“Kate has a remarkable ability to remain calm, do a ton of work and achieve results - all while being a fun person to work with. We were in the same team at Gartner, and I greatly valued her advice and input. Now that she's freelance, I would highly recommend her for any project that requires multi-tasking, flexibility and focus from someone who will seamlessly integrate with your team.”

Clare Laurie, Marketing Manager, EMEA Events, Gartner


“Kate is well rounded and experienced marketer with a deep knowledge of marketing practices. She has an analytical and focused approach and always completes jobs to a high standard whilst ensuring best practices have been followed. Ensuring she is always up to date on latest marketing trends results in successfully produced marketing campaigns. Kate is also considerate, incredibly professional and a good team player.”

Rajdeep Lota, Marketing Manager, Gartner


“An absolute pleasure to work with. Kate is a complete professional: hard-working, diligent and a real team-player. Kate was always enthusiastic to pick up the jobs no-one else wanted to do, she embraced them as a challenge and made them successful. Her marketing skills are second to none and she would be an asset to any organisation.”

Anna Lewis, Senior Marketing Manager, Gartner


 “Kate is a highly talented marketing professional who is capable of executing across multiple projects at the same time. She is analytical with a good eye of detail and is fully focused on maximising marketing return on investment. While capable of working alone, Kate is also a team player who is always available to offer support and advise to her colleagues. She is a big asset to any team she works in.”

David Kekwick, Managing Director, Ark Group


 “Kate is a highly motivated, experienced and imaginative marketing professional. During her time at Ark Group she completely transformed our marketing strategy and operations. The results were superb.”

Nick Hussey, Managing Director, Ark Group